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Fibreglass products

Glass composite roofs

Vertical and horizontal tanks

Large diameter pipes

Non-standard products

UAB GreenWorks Industry  offers various unique solutions of fibreglass and plastic, which meet the customer requirements. These products are indispensible in cases, where there is complex environment, which is unfavourable for usual decisions or it is too expensive to use metal products.   

 Even very large products are mechanically strong, light and rigid, compared to products of similar purpose of other manufacturers, since our products are manufactured using a modified technology of fiberglass molding  thus producing Duo Comb® wall.


 Duo Comb ® wall: 1 – first wall, 2 – filler, 3 – stiffeners, 4 – second wall.

 Key features of the Duo Comb® wall:

1)      Ability to change in form, which results in holding bigger loads;

2)      Greater plasticity makes it impact-resistant;

3)      Resistance to concentrated loads;

4)      Double wall results in double leakage resistance;

5)      Resistance to ductile deformation;

6)      Lighter corp‘s construction.

The main groups of products we specialize in:

  • Reservoir roofs;
  • Conveyors covers and covering systems;
  • Ventilation pipes systems, air treatment equipment (biofilters, scrubbers);
  • Cylindrical and other tanks;
  • Funnels and other flow control equipment, ducts;
  • Specially adapted parts (gears, shifts, shields).


Features of structure of materials and composite
Due to chemical and mechanical resistance of different materials, used by UAB GreenWorks Industry, fibreglass can be used in a great variety of industrial fields: 

Fibreglass comparison to other materials (Source: University of Cambridge Materials Group, Anglija)


This product is not dangerous, according to European Directive 99/45/EC, 67/548/EEC and their subsequent appendices. It is considered that this material is not dangerous for animals, plants or fish.